Modern security system in schools and children's camps. Pass and payment system for school or camp using electronic bracelets.

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About our company

XXI century is a century of technological progress. No sphere of human activity remains unchanged. More and more technologies come into our life еvery day. Perfection and automation of processes are firmly rooted in modern life. What is the key to the development and success of any society? Of course, it is the younger generation – our children. It is the care for children that formed the idea to create the SMARTLET system.

The goal of our company is to create a safe and comfortable environment for children on school grounds and recreation areas. We combined information on credit cards, school access cards, medical history cards and much more in one technological bracelet connected to our online system that allows automating the processes inside the institution and provides parents with an accurate and complete report on the activities of the child at school.

How AIS Smartlet works

The necessary equipment is installed in
the school / children's camp
SMARTLET service specialists carry out installation and maintenance
Employees of the institution set up personal accounts to work with the system
Employees of the institution set up personal accounts to work with the system
Scheduling, maintaining an electronic log, homework and
a system of personal messages can effectively organize
the educational process.
Child register in the system SMARTLET with the issuance of the personal bracelet
A child is sure to be pleased with the bright modern gadget combining keys, a pass and a wallet.
Parents receive a full report on purchases, assessments and movements of the child in their personal accounts.
Access to the electronic diary with marks, attendance records, as well as a shopping list and an instant messaging system allow parents to obtain quickly complete information on their child's activities.
Planning and accounting of economic and financial activities for the administration of institutions
Electronic planning, organizing and holding activities, recording events, prompt setting of tasks and monitoring their implementation would certainly help to maximize the efficiency of the staff.
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SMARTLET – easy to use electronic system
of entrance-exit check point in schools.

School administration provides children with access
to the school building and premises via their intranet
or personal cabinet of the headmaster.
Information on children and their photos are stored,
in the database of the service, only then they receive
their personal SMARTLETS.
To enter the school building children must set
their SMARTLETS against the turnstile sensor.
All entrances and exits of children using SMARTLETS are recorded in the database and are available in the form of reports in the personal cabinets of
the parent, supervising class teacher and headmaster.

SMARTLET – effective organization of educational process.

School administration makes up an electronic timetable,
and registers teachers in the electronic system providing each of them
with their personal accounts.
Teachers plan their academic activities
according to the timetable on line.
At the beginning of each lesson,
the teacher calls the register, all absentees are marked
in the attendance register.
If after the roll call the student comes to the classroom,
the teacher corrects the status "absent" for the status "late"
noting the time and reason for being late.
At the class, the teacher assesses the preparation of schoolchildren
for the lesson giving them marks and register them in an electronic class book.
Homework and assessments of the child are recorded in the database
and accessible in the form of reports in the personal accounts of the parent,
class supervising teacher and headmaster.

SMARTLET – the child’s electronic health card

When visiting the medical examination room the child
must put SMARTLET to the online reader
at the doctor’s.
The system finds the medical record of the child
and starts new session.
The health care worker examines the child and
prescribes treatment if necessary.
Information on the child’s health, as well as a diagnosis or recommendations,
the health care worker adds to the child’s electronic medical records.
All information on the child's health is also available in
the personal account of the parent.

SMARTLET – easy to use device in work of the cashier.

To make a purchase a child sets SMARTLET
against an online reader at the cash desk.
The child's photo, his name and personal account balance
balance appear on the screen at the cashier’s workplace.
If the photo of the child does not coincide with
the bearer of a bracelet, the seller blocks SMARTLET
pressing the special button.
If the balance sheet is positive, the seller takes the order
from the child.
To pay for the purchase the child puts SMARTLET to the online reader
at the cash register again.
All statistics about the child’s purchases are available in the personal account of the parent. Parents have the opportunity to
prohibit the purchase of any products that, in their opinion,
could harm a child's health.
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How this bracelet is organized

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) - automatic method of objects identification, where by means of radio signals, information is read, recorded and stored in so-called transponders or RFID tags.
Place for any your picture or logo on request
Electronic RFID chip
An electronic chip on which the child’s ID is recorded. It cannot be faked without special equipment.
Hypoallergenic silicone
It is completely safe for the child, does not cause allergies, pleasant to touch, bright accessory.
Comfortable fastener
Comfortable fastener that is easy to wear and it fits comfortably on her arm.
Pleasant souvenir
Our bracelet is always pleasant souvenir as well as raises the status of your organization.

Fastener type

Order your individual bracelet design
The selection of fasteners is a very important point in the formation of the model as the correct selection significantly reduces the risk of falling of the bracelet. We have chosen 3 types of fasteners suitable for different ages.
Shape of bracelet
When choosing the shape of the bracelet, our customers not only receive a wide choice of device design, but also additional services and functions.
Number of possible colors
It is possible to apply your logo or picture by stamping or silkscreen printing.
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